About Me

Currently, I am a Ms./Ph.D. student on program Applied Mathematics and Computational Science in KAUST. My supervisor is Peter Richtárik.

I am from the Slovak Republic, I lived there until I received a bachelor’s degree in Informatics on FMPH UK. With a background in both Mathematics and Computer Science, I wanted to be contributing to research as soon as possible. Hence I enrolled a Ms./Ph.D. program at KAUST.

In my spare time, I like to play collective sports. My favorite is ultimate frisbee, due to fair play spirit of the game. Back in Slovakia, I represented the Slovak national team.


  • Bachelor in Informatics
    2015-19 FMPH UK
  • Ms/PhD in Applied Mathematics and Computational Science
    2019-present, KAUST


  • Machine Learning
  • Federated Learning
  • Stochastic Algorithms


  • programming (Julia, Java, C++ Assembly, Haskell, Python)
  • lecturing (I was training Slovak national IMO team)

Dynamic Learning of the Optimal Mini-Batch Size of SGD

(not published yet) 2019, supervisor: Peter Richtárik

Random sampling from uniform distribution on multidimensional polyhedra

Bachelor thesis (in slovak language), 2019, FMPH UK, supervisor: Radoslav Harman

Stochastic Algorithms for Convex Feasibility and Optimization with Many Constraints

Computational project (for course in FMPH UK), 2018, supervisor: Peter Richtárik

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